Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in Review

2010 comes to an end in just a few hours. With a new year about to start, I found myself looking back over the year.

The first few months of the year brought a lot of snow. I broke my snow shovel moving snow and had to go by a new one.

During the early spring I took a trip to Salt Lake. I was able to watch a niece at her swimming lessons. What a swimmer she is!
For my birthday a friend gave me this circle puzzle. It took me a month to finish. I loved the challenge it gave me. She gave me a star shaped one for Christmas.

During the summer I spent 3 weeks in Vermont. I stayed at Green Mountain at Fox Run, a women health and fitness resort. I was able to hike a see the sites. I also spent 3 days in Boston sight seeing on the way home.

During the summer I also made a trip to Cedar City / St. George to spend some time with family. I than increased my family. I took in these 2 orphaned kitties. I had to bottle feed them for a few weeks. They are still with me doing great. They have grown a lot.

The end of summer brought the County Fair. Some of my family came to visit for the fair. It was a grand time. Soon after school started which brought tremendous pain in my left foot. I soon found out that I had 2 stress fractures as well as some tendonitis. I spent 7 weeks in a "Boot" healing my foot.

For Thanksgiving I went to Las Vegas and helped my sister move into her new home.

And that pretty much brings us to the end of the year. My brother and niece came on Christmas Eve to spend some time with me. It has been nice just to relax on my time off work.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is it cold or what?

I think that you can tell it is cold when your cat comes in the house covered in snow. The weather on my ipod says that it is 8 degrees outside. That doesn't count for the wind. The internet says that counting the wind it feels like -14. Now that is cold!!!!!!