Monday, December 12, 2011

Little Christmas

I love the shadows my little tree leaves on the wall.

Count Down

Yeah! Only 9 more school days until I'm out for Christmas break. And for those of you who have less days...........I don't want to hear about it.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gratitude for Life

I just have to take a minute and share my gratitude for life. I have a dear friend. He and I have been friends for almost 20 years now. It's scary how fragile life is. How we never know if we will be given another day. I am also grateful for medical staff that listens and heeds a higher power. Jim came down with a tremendous head ache. He just wasn't feeling himself. He went to the clinic right before Thanksgiving. While there the doctor decided to give him and IV with an antibiotic in it. He was still not feeling well at all when he went back to the clinic that Saturday. During this visit the one doctor had the feeling to call the ER in Richfield. The call was made and the decision was to send him over for a spinal tap to rule out Spinal Meningitis. Result. . . Positive. There are two main types of meningitis. . . . bacterial and viral. His came on so fast that they are pretty sure that it is bacterial. Which can be deadly. In fact. . . . if the first doctor had not be inspired to give him the IV we very likely would have had a funeral this past week. Meningitis is so rare that they really don't know much about treating it. It causes swelling of the brain (thus the bad headaches) and concerns with the spine. They are treating him as if he has had a serve head injury. He spent a few days in the hospital but is now home. He is suppose to try and do nothing. No read, no TV, no music, no texting, no computer. The list goes on and on. He has to rest and let the neuro paths in his brain reestablish. The result of meningitis range from death, hearing loss, memory loss, comas, motor function problems, loss of taste, etc. Jim is showing no signs of any problems.
I am so grateful for more time with my best friend.